Zoe’s Store

Welcome to my online store! I wanted to break my titles into shorter lists, which I hope will make browsing less intimidating and easier for people who are interested in only one genre or series. Also, when I look at my book listings on my other vendors, there’s no organization. As one giant pile, I find it a little confusing. I’m guessing readers probably feel the same way, and this is my attempt to make things easier on y’all.


Some readers would like free samples to get a basic idea of what a writer is “all about.” Given the large size of my back catalog and my penchant for experimenting with various writing methods, no freebie can give a broad sample of my stuff. But, these stories may serve to whet your appetite for more. And if you’re broke, they’re good for free entertainment in a pinch.
Eddie’s First Circus (Dark Fantasy/Superhero)
I Blame the Mute Button of the Mutton (Contemporary Literature/Horror)
My Gay Sparkly Vampire Romance: A Twilight Parody (Dark Comedy/Parody)
Also available in Mobi and PDF.
Served Cold (Contemporary Literature/Horror)

Novellas/Short Collections

Some new readers first arriving to the site of a writer they don’t know want a story that represents a shorter sample of a writer’s work. For those readers, this is a list of my novellas and shorter novels. With the exceptions of my YA titles, most are not suitable for minors.

(Links lead to Gumroad, with longer descriptions for each story.)

Sandy Morrison and the Pack of PussiesNobody Special
(Contemporary YA)
A young musician finds friendship, love, hope, and tragedy on his journey to adulthood.
Sandy Morrison and the Pack of PussiesSandy Morrison and
the Pack of Pussies
(Dark Fantasy/YA)
Sandy Morrison discovers that she’s a witch, her best friend is a werecat, and that witches and werecats have been at war for centuries.
Sandy Morrison and the Pixie ProhibitionSandy Morrison and
the Pixie Prohibition
(Dark Fantasy/YA)
Sandy is mysteriously changed into a fairy and stumbles into a conflict between fairies and pixies.
A Boy and His DawgA Boy and His Dawg
(Tobe White #1)
(Gay YA Paranormal)
Tobe White discovers that his boyfriend Keith Moon is a wolf and must decide if they still have a future together.
Fangs, Humans, and Other Perils of Night LifeFangs, Humans, and
Other Perils of Night Life
(Tobe White #2)
(Gay YA Paranormal)
Tobe helps a coven of vampires escape from a sect of monster hunters only to find himself hunted by humans and other vampires.
Fangs, Humans, and Other Perils of Night LifeAdventures In Trolling
(Tobe White #3)
(Gay YA Paranormal)
A wolf cub is replaced with a sick changeling, and Tobe hops dimensions on a quest to swap the babies back to their rightful parents.
Dating In the Post-Zombie WorldDating In the
Post-Zombie World
A young socially awkward zombie killer tries to find a mate in a world where women outnumber men fifteen to one.
Zombie PunterZombie Punter
(Zombie Era #1)
(Dark Fantasy)
Two friends who have prepared all their lives for a zombie apocalypse soon realize the undead are nothing like the movie monsters they expected.
Confessions of a Zombie LoverConfessions of a
Zombie Lover
(Zombie Era #2)
(Dark Fantasy)
Eugene O’Donnell searches for his undead adopted daughter and best friend while continuing his research on the undead.
Saving GabrielSaving Gabriel
(Dark Fantasy/YA)
A fallen guardian angel uncovers a plot to kill his ward.
Haunting SinsHaunting Sins
(Supernatural Horror)
A newly hired webmaster at a porn company begins seeing things in his office. Is he hallucinating, or is the office haunted?
Wake Up With the KimelliansWake Up With
the Kimellians
A cab driver recovers from a coma and learns the planet has been invaded by aliens.
Dead End: Omnibus EditionDead End: Omnibus
(Dark Sci-Fi)
A high-tech zombie outbreak in Texas unites an unlikely band of heroes against a mad scientist with a lethal plan to convert all humans into his undead minions.
(Horror/Dark Humor)
A mad scientist invents a snack so crunchy, people are willing to kill for it. Now the fate of one small town rests in the hands of his two evil henchminions and one slightly chunky police dispatcher.
Bran of Greewood and the Scary Fairy PrincessBran of Greenwood
and the Scary
Fairy Princess
(Porn/Fantasy Parody)
A half orc is hired to escort an elf on a quest for a special belt.
The world’s unluckiest man falls through a wormhole and into an under-ether world populated by cephalopod ninjas.

Completed Series

Other new arrivals prefer to pick up a series after it is complete. (Wouldn’t want to be left hanging, right?) For those readers, this is a short, short list of my completed series, available as zipped files for a discount on the cover price. These zip files contain ePub, Mobi, LIT, and PDF files, all DRM-free.

Peter the Wolf SeriesPeter the Wolf series
(Dark Fantasy)
A cursed abuse survivor struggles for redemption in a new foster family.


These are my full length novels and series. WARNING: many of these titles are not suitable for readers under 18.

Peter the Wolf #1Peter the Wolf
(Peter the Wolf #1)
(Dark Fantasy)
After escaping his pornographer parents, Peter Holmes moves in with a new foster family and learns that he carries a dangerous curse.
Peter the Wolf #2Dogs of War
(Peter the Wolf #2)
(Dark Fantasy)
Peter goes on a quest to free his twin sister from an ancient monster with the help of some new allies.
Peter the Wolf #3Roll the Bones
(Peter the Wolf #3)
(Dark Fantasy)
Peter is tasked with another quest, this time to kill a vampire in Las Vegas.
Peter the Wolf #4Thicker Than Blood
(Peter the Wolf #4)
(Dark Fantasy)
Peter returns home from Las Vegas to find a new enemy stalking him.
Alice the Wolf #1Alice Doesn’t Live
Here Anymore

(Alice the Wolf #1)
(Dark Fantasy)
Alice Culpepper is just getting her life back on track when a new wolf comes to town and threatens to destroy her family.
Alice the Wolf #2A Wolf In
Girl’s Clothing
(Alice the Wolf #2)
(Dark Fantasy)
Alice discovers an urban legend, finds her wolf, and battles an enemy hell bent on slaughtering her family and friends.
InTMouthOTW_thmIn the Mouth
of the Wolf
(Alice the Wolf #3)
(Dark Fantasy)
A deadly disease threatens Alice’s wolf, and without a cure, both the wolf and the host will die.
Wolf in the Headlights
(Alice the Wolf #4)
(Dark Fantasy)
Alice’s enemies plan to out her publicly as a werewolf, forcing her to polish her image to become the poster child for their revolution.
The Sole Survivor's ClubThe Sole Survivors’ Club
(Dark Fantasy)
Monica Harper learns that her fixation with car wrecks is a curse cast on her by a deadly invisible enemy.
Third Wheel Romance BluesThird Wheel
Romance Blues

(Erotic Romance)
Robert Marshall thought he had a perfect life with Maria Rivera until her little sister returned home from New York.
Waiting for a MiracleWaiting for a Miracle
(Dark Comedy/Super Villains)
Duggan Masters, criminal overlord of City, California, kidnaps a shrink to help him retire from his life of crime.
A Frosty Girl's CureA Frosty Girl’s Cure
(Dark Comedy/Superhero)
(Sequel to Waiting for a Miracle)
Terry Donalds, the cloned adopted daughter of Duggan Masters, must return to City to find a cure for her immortality.