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Open call for beta readers

Last night I completed edits of my next release, a pair of sci-fi novellas titled Sex Doll Divorce and Family Planning and Sex Doll Therapy and Rehabilitation, and I am now ready to look for beta readers.

These are sequels to the two novellas I released in 2011 under the combined title The Life and Death of a Sex Doll. The first two books followed the development of Ashley Braun, a Sensu-Doll modified to act as a daughter to a lonely stock broker, Kelly Braun. Being raised as a family member made Ashley a unique entity, a cybernetic companion given more independence than most of her factory built “relatives.” The first two books offered an often humorous and almost utopian view of the future, with several critics calling the ending of the second novella a bit too sweet and perfect. Continue reading

Visual art: Alexander Jansson

Here’s yet another artist I’ve found on Facebook, which is becoming my site for finding pretty/weird things to admire. (And you thought it was just for cat pictures.) This particular artist’s site also brought me an update I didn’t expect in the form of a book cover for the next John A. Lindqvist novel. (SQEEEEEEEE!) It’s called Himmelstrand, and from little news I can find online, the English title should be We the Infected. Definitely looking forward to getting my hands on that whenever it comes out.

You can check out his portfolio and bio at

In other news, yes, I know my updates are real slow these days. I’m trying to stick to editing during my waking hours. I’ve just finished editing In the Mouth of the Wolf (Alice the Wolf book 3) and have sent it off to my beta reader. I still have to work my way through books 4 and 5, and then I have to get the last Sex Doll novella edited and emailed to the beta reader.

I am currently playing Witcher 3 and Diablo 3, but I don’t expect to have a review for either for quite some time. Sorry about that. But there should be another book review in a week or so. (Another Morganville Vampires book, big shock.) Eventually, I hope to get to more frequent updates, so I hope you’ll bear with me during this slow update period.

Book review: Kiss of Death by Rachel Caine

You had to know my next review was going to be for another Morganville Vampires book, and you probably shouldn’t be surprised that the next will be another. As a series, this has to be one of my favorites of all time, with vampires tat are morally ambiguous yet still committed to their methods of staying hidden from most humans. But Kiss of Death may be my least favorite book of the series for what I consider to be a couple of missteps. I’ll get to that soon.

This book opens with Claire and her friends being given passes to leave town and travel to Dallas, where Michael is scheduled to record tracks with a big-time studio. There’s a catch to this gift, not surprisingly, and the group must travel with Oliver acting as their escort. Oliver is riding along for other reasons, and soon everyone else is pulled into his plans when they all go horribly wrong.

What bothered me was what happens when Claire, Eve, Shane, and Michael roll into a little town looking for a place to eat. They are instantly set upon by the locals in what vaguely reminds me of a rehash of Deliverance. Continue reading