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Procrastination update…

I’m closing in on the second week without a post, and it’s a combination of issues preventing me from getting out a proper review, for games or for manga. So rather than just try to power through without an update, I’ll tell y’all some of what’s going on.

Obviously, one of the main issues is this freakin’ heat combined with random drops in temperature following rain storms. This has always been a problem for me, but lately, it’s sent me to bed for long, long naps. The last one saw me go to bed at a normal 1 AM and wake up at 5 PM the next day. It’s kinda hard to stay on schedule when my body keeps going, “Or we could nap.”

So, first of all, I’ve been playing Path of Exile. I’ve tried it before in the past, but long load times plus our crap internet connection made it nigh-impossible to review fairly. Yet, even with a much better connection, there have been many times where the game is unplayable due to lag. This problem is unique to PoE, as I was able to fire up other online games and still use them. So maybe they just have bad net code or something.

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