Book excerpt: A Wolf In Girl’s Clothing, Chapter 25

Here’s the second of three excerpts from A Wolf In Girl’s Clothing:

By the time I reach the second night of my trip, my knife is humming in my bag, and I know I’m close to my wolf. I’m going to find her tonight, and then I’ll find out if I’m really programmed for the task of killing and skinning a living creature.

The idea bothers me, but it’s not like I can avoid this. The alternative is driving myself insane every full moon, and that’s assuming there aren’t worse side effects that no one knows about. No one’s done any experiments to find out what happens if a skinwalker ignores the calling of their totem animal, and I’m not willing to be the guinea pig even if my curiosity is picking at the idea.

I venture cautiously back to the highway to check the road signs, and when I see Minneapolis on a green highway sign, I know where I am. That’s good enough for me, so I get back off the highway and pick up my pace to head into the wild country. When my knife shifts from humming to vibrating in the sheath, I drop my bags and get it out. I use a long section of rope to tie the sheath to my waist, wrapping the rest around in several passes though my belt loops before I tie the ends in a double knot over the snap.

I set out at a jog at something closer to human speeds. My senses are on full alert, bringing me the scents of the woods and the many animals lurking in the darkness. Hunger is trying to distract me, but I ignore my tight stomach and let the knife pull me toward my destiny.

I don’t expect to literally run into my wolf, and I’m stunned when this massive white wolf explodes out from the cover of some dry shrubbery and slams into my side, burying sharp teeth in my shoulder. My shock doesn’t last long, and my right hand drops to the sica to unsheathe it. When the wolf goes for another bite, I put my forearm into a gaping maw filled with pointed teeth. I let the wolf lock on, ignoring the pain while I push my arm up and raise the wolf’s head. My knife slides into the flesh under its jaw and through the roof of the mouth into the skull. The fight is over five seconds after it began.

I push off the wolf, and when it rolls over I get a real shock. She’s a he. Well…this should be interesting.

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