Your Zen moment…of racism

Another fast post this one with a link to a video about how many openly racist things have been said to Asian women by guys. Now I’m a big, big fan of Lucy Liu, and I would love to find out she’s pansexual and open to long visits to Milan. But the moment I meet her, I think my first attempt to woo her probably isn’t going to be “Five dollah, sucky sucky.” Also out is, “Do you know how to make Chinese food?”

But the thing is, when a dude says things like this, are they really trying to flirt, or are they enforcing a racial othering as a result of a fetish? Certainly, guys can’t expect to find dating success if they only see women as objects, but this is a step farther removed, turning Asian women into objects for a fetish. What you see as comments that are no big deal, to the women you use them on, they’re personal attacks that they must endure all the time.

Privilege means never knowing what this kind of harassment is like. It means being able to express ugly things without anybody calling you on it. An Asian woman who became hostile to this race baiting would be teased and harassed further for not being a “good sport.” And that’s bullshit no matter how you slice it.

Privilege means never having to say you’re sorry for being ignorant of the pain you inflict on others.